The Epinay Windmill keeps doing flour. We do every year more than 4 tons of flour (2,5 tons of wheat and 1,5 tons of buckwheat).
We are very proud to perpetuate this ancestral activity in addition to the visit.

From local and sustainable agriculture, our wheat grains crushed to the grindstone give a semi-wholemeal flour, ideal for nutrient inputs needed for your daily activities.

Also from local and sustainable agriculture, our buckwheat seeds crushed to the grindstone, give a gluten-free flour, ideal for intolerances and / or allergies.

1 KG 2.50 € 3.50 €
3 KG 7.00 € 9.50 €
5 KG 10.0 € 15.0€


And the Moulin shop is also bread kits spices, cookies or brownies. These little bags already contain all the necessary ingredients for your snacks and delicious desserts. All kits (spices, cookies, brownies) are sold € 6 unit.



You will also find a range of local produce, treats and gift ideas.Outdoor toys like kites, or colorful cute mills.

Cookbooks to use our buckwheat flour and wheat.
Books to learn all about the windmills.
Or books to discover our rich rural territory.

Local wines, confectionery, biscuits, caramel, postcards, key chains, …