Le Moulin de l’Epinay is above all a fun and friendly experience. Whatever your age, you will necessarily find the activity that suits you.
Young and old alike will be able to listen to the rattling of the gears, smell the sweet smell of flour, during a relaxed and enriching visit.

You will find on site at your disposal an open esplanade with a breathtaking view of the Loire Valley (ideal for picnics), a sheltered courtyard, a large playground for children.


Families with young children will find it easy to fully enjoy their visit:

Possibility to warm up a bottle, to leave the stroller at the reception desk to be able to go up in the tower of the mill

Equipment in the toilets for the youngest (step, low urinal).

Establishment of seats in museographic rooms.

Feel free to stop by and say hello to our donkeys: Séraphin and Baladin.

But you can also participate in the many workshops offered throughout the year at the Moulin de l’Epinay:

For example, come and put your hand in the dough to make and leave with your roll of bread made with the right millstone flour.
But why not choose an even more gourmet workshop? Come and make your pizza and cook it over a wood fire.
We also offer other activities throughout the year on the themes of food, energy and the environment.


Diary of event


1-Guided tour of the tower.
During your visit, the mill will be in operation.
You will discover all the secrets of the miller as well as the mechanisms on 5 levels, gears, wheels…..
You will understand how human ingenuity and the power of nature meet to grind wheat and make flour.
visite_film_animation 2-Audiovisual room.

Three films made by young author Simon ASTIE are projected to :

  • A cartoon especially for children, telling the story of Louis the miller and his mill which also enchants adults.
  • More technical documentary on the history of the flour of our ancestors to today.
  • Film reproducing the tour of the tower of the mill for those who can not climb stairs.


 3-Museographic spaces

Two spaces allow the visitor to awaken all his senses:
In the first, you will discover the traditional machinery of the mills to understand the ingenious mechanisms. It’s up to you to turn the cranks!

musee_film On the firstfloor, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a mill at night! You will discover the miller’s work during the fall and winter. An animated film directed by Aurore Casalis will tell you the fascinating story of Tchoum and the miller. Thanks to the objects presented and the various manipulations to be carried out, the mill will no longer have any secrets for you!
handicap For people with disabilities, the visit is possible for one third of the mill : the ground floor of the museum which shows you the miller’s life. The tower of the mill on 4 levels is not accessible to disabled people because of the stairs. But you can see a video (in french) showing you the visit of the mill. Other short movies (also in french) are also available. The reception and shop are accessible. The toilets are not wheelchair accessible but near the mill there is a recent building housing toilets (right for women, left for men).

Shopping Area.

Located in the lobby, it allows you to do your souvenir shopping. A wide choice of regional products is available:
wines, biscuits, honey, books, recipes, postcards, key chains, gift ideas …
Not forgetting of course our product, the real buckwheat flour and wheat crushed between the millstones of Epinay.